Babies and Toddlers

From 6 months to 36 months and featuring levels divided by child’s development stages. ‘Babies and Toddlers’ are grouped according to age parent and child swimming classes and have maximum of 6 babies.

What can my baby learn in Aquatica’s Program?

We will teach you and your child how to have confidence in the water and we will show you how to practice and develop life saving skills which may one day save your child’s life. When prepared gently and consistently, babies quickly learn the cues for going underwater. They will submerge comfortably and happily, enjoying swimming short distance to parent. Our teachers will guide you when allowing your child underwater. Having your baby participating in an aquatic environment allows them to move a lot more and in different ways than they are able to on land. Our program is developed to enhance your babies early development and strength by using water resistance, movement and strength exercises.

Some important skills your baby will learn include:

  • Confident enjoyment in and under the water
  • Independent and unaided movement through the water
  • Jumping in, turning underwater and swimming back to the wall for safety
  • Reaching up to a high wall and climbing out (safety exit)
  • Working towards relaxing back floating position
  • Popping up to breathe in order to see the wall and swim longer distance for safety
  • Swimming ability without floatation devices