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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll in lessons until week 5 of the term. If you start after the first week of term we will simply pro rata your fees.

Children under 3:

In this level we divide children into the age groups. Simply just view our Babies and Toddlers page for details regarding your child level. Please create your parent portal account providing us with your details. Once the registration form is submitted we will email you the activation link to your online account as well as Direct Debit Activation Link in a separate email. After activation please add your child into the portal.TO BOOK IN, please contact us directly on 8544 3757 or reply to your activation email. All bookings are done from our side.

Children age 3 and over:

With two age groups Pre-School Age 3-5 and School Age 5+, students are learning four levels of swim skills with other children of similar age and ability. All children 3 and over MUST undergo a free assessment prior to enrolment. TO BOOK IN FOR FREE ASSESSMENT please call us 8544 3757 or send an email with your child/ren details with preferred assessment date. Once an assessment has been attended your child will be assigned to a level within our program and we will inform you what days and times we have available in that level.

A make up can be booked for every notified absence via absence notification form, email or phone call, to a maximum of 3 makes ups per student per termMake ups can be booked from the second week of term and taken from day 14 onwards. The cut off time for morning lessons is 8.00am (for morning lessons) or 2.00pm (for afternoon lessons) on or prior to the day of the lesson. All notifications after this time or no notification at all will result in no make-up being issued.

We use automatic roll over to next term (same day and time as current term) to all existing customers in classes, usually it will happen in week 7 of a 10 week Term. Our supervisor will be assessing your child/ren towards the end of a term, usually week 7 of a 10 week Term. We will notify you if your child is changing level into a higher one so that you can change your child class into a proper level for next term.

If you wish to withdraw from the program after term commences, we require 2 weeks notice for a refund of your remaining lessons. When a refund is given, a $10 administration fee will be charged. You are required to pay in full for this 2 lessons notice period, regardless of attendance. There are no refunds.

Absolutely! Our swim school operates all school terms including school holidays. We are closed on public holidays and your fees will be adjusted accordingly.

At our swim academy we start classes from 4 months of age. Babies have a natural attraction with the water and there are great activities to develop your child’s water awareness. Swimming lessons are the greatest thing ever. The most important thing when starting swim classes is that you, as the parent, are ready and keen to go and get wet with your child. During our lessons we will be singing songs and have fun.

For more information regarding baby swimming please see

There are quite a lot of benefits:

  • Early age swimming develops important skills that are unique to the water and swimming stimulates young children’s senses to enhance their brain development.
  •  Swimming lessons will make your child more water aware and also give you confidence with your child in and around water.
  • Babies get a very stimulating physical workout during lessons working on motor skills, balance, coordination, and strength and muscle tone.
  • Swimming develops self-esteem that will help build a positive attitude towards physical activity into the future.
  • Swimming will enhance your child’s emotional development, their social development, cognitive development and of course their physical development and all this in addition to the safety and survival skills
  • Swimming is a great social activity that will introduce you and your child to others participating in classes. You will all have a wonderful time interacting and engaging with others.

All of our ‘Babies and Toddlers’ classes do require each child to be accompanied in the water by an adult as our classes are designed to teach you confidence in the water with your child and you are the most important part of your child’s swimming experience.

As your child grows, swimming skills will continue to develop and extend. Each child is unique and will master skills and progress at their own pace. Regular attendance throughout the year will aid in your child’s ability to remain water-safe, retain skills and progress.

Absolutely! Swimming lessons provide a unique combination of social and physical interaction with the teacher and classmates. Learning to swim is a lifelong investment and continuing swimming during the winter months will build upon the skills learnt for the following summer. Stopping over winter may cause your child’s confidence and swimming ability to regress.