Learn To Swim

Our Learn To Swim program teaches the foundation of becoming a competent swimmer through water safety skills. Our signature classes features of 3 students per class in a beginner levels allowing our teachers for constant attention and maximum practice time for those who are starting their adventure with swimming. We believe that more repetitions in a shorter distance with good technique and constant correction is the right way to teach swimming. Your child will flourish in this intimate setting building a solid foundation to be a confident swimmer.

With two age groups: Pre-Schoolers and School Age, students are learning swimming strokes and water safety skills with other children of similar age and ability.

Pre-Schoolers learn differently from older children, they progress quicker when pool activities are fun with a lot of equipment and laughter. Young children are creatures of habit. By developing consistent swimming routines your child is learning safety skills that may save their life. Having safety routines reinforced every lesson means they will be more likely to use them in an emergency.

School Age learners need lots of encouragement and rewards for each and every step they take! Our afternoon classes teachers make sure that all skills are connected and meet each child’s individual needs. Children need to be constantly motivated and challenged to learn through a diverse range of activities and experiences – focussing on great technique and important water safety skills.