Our Policies

  • Classes operate as a term block and go together with NSW School Terms.
  • Enrolments are possible after commencement of term depending on availability and are possible until week 7.
  • Students are placed in classes according to their ability or age (Babies and Toddlers level only).
  • All new students over the age of 3 MUST undergo an assessment prior to enrolling.
  • We use automatic roll over for all our term bookings. Once enroled in a class your enrolment will automatically roll over into the following term, unless you notify us via mail/phone of withdrawing from the program.
  • To confirm your enrolment in the following term full payment will be debit from your account before the term starts on Friday week 9.
  • Part term enrolments cannot be arranged in the instances of long holidays etc. Families are encouraged to utilise the 3 make up classes per term per child on offer, to compensate for absences.
  • We use automatic roll over to next term (same day and time), usually it will happen in week 7 of a 10 week term.
  • Assessments will be done in week 7 of a 10 week term. We will notify you if your child is changing level into a higher one.
  • Invoices will be sent in week 7 (usually week 7 of a 10 week term).
  • Day/time higher level changes or withdraw from the program notifications are by Thursday week 9 (usually week 9 of a 10 week term).
  • Week 8 and 9 are our PRIORITY WEEKS so it is important to confirm re-enrloment during the PRIORITY weeks. If we don’t receive any confirmation your spot will be forfeited and open to anyone.
  • Re-enrolments are prioritised in the following order: 1.Same day for same day 2.Change of day 3.New clients
  • On Friday week 9 we will be processing payments for the following term. If you don’t notify us of your re-enrollment by that time your spot in the class will be cancelled and open to anyone from Monday week 10.
  • On Monday week 10 day/time changes, new customers enrolments start.
  • Full payment of whole term or school holiday program must be paid at time of booking to secure you place. Booked spot in a class is hold for 24h after that if we are not able to process your invoice or don’t receive the full payment, your spot will be forfeited.
  • Full payment for re-enrolment will be charged from your nominated financial institution on the second last week of the term (usually Friday week 9 of a 10 week Term).
  • Aquatica Swim Academy reserves the right to change the classes on holidays program timetable if the full payment is not received.
  • Public Holidays are free from swimming lessons and are not included in your term payments.
  • Discounts apply for families with 2 or more children enrolled in term swimming: 5% for 2nd child, 10% for 3rd child, and 15% for 4th or more children enrolled from the same family.
  • Discounts do not apply during holiday programs or special promotions.
  • Discounts are applied to whole term enrolments. These discounts are applied once only at the time of re-enrolment for the upcoming term.
  • If an additional child enrol mid term, the sibling discount cannot be applied to their enrolment. The previously enrolled child/children will have their discount amended the next full term.
  • A make up can be booked for every notified absence via absence notification form, email or phone call, to a maximum of 3 makes ups per student per term.
  • Make ups can be booked from the second week of term and taken from day 14 onwards.
  • The cut off time for morning lessons is 8.00am (for morning lessons) or 2.00pm (for afternoon lessons) on or prior to the day of the lesson. All notifications after this time or no notification at all will result in no make-up being issued.
  • If you know that you will be away before the term commences and notify us earlier we cannot book you in prior the term starting or prior your absence day. All make ups have to be organised after your return and it depends on availability.
  • Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and options may be restricted due to availability and may be restricted during busy periods. This includes days, times and instructors. We cannot guarantee availabilities that suit your preferences.
  • Make-up lessons do not replace your normal class or reduce your next term’s fees.
  • Make-up lessons are a privilege not provided by other extra-curricular activities including football, dancing, soccer and music. If you are unable to attend make-up class the lesson will be forfeited if not attended or cancelled.
  • Make ups cannot be changed or moved once they have been booked.
  • Make ups must be taken in the same term as the corresponding absences, make ups cannot be carried forward into the next term or holiday program.
  • Make up lessons must be taken at the child’s assessed level.
  • Make up classes owing cannot be transferred to a sibling.
  • We do not grant make-ups for non-attendance during the last week of term.
  • We do not grant refunds for non-scheduled and non-attended make up lessons.
  • We do not grant credits or reduce your term fees if you are away for 3 or less than 3 consecutive lessons due to holidays/injury/illness etc. and are unable to schedule the make up lessons due to personal reasons.
  • In the event of an injury/illness, where 3 or more consecutive classes are missed, Aquatica will issue a credit on your account for future lessons after receiving medical certificate for that period.
  • It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to book makeup lessons. It is not Aquatica’s responsibility to chase up makeup lessons.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the program before or after term commences, we require 2 weeks notice for a refund of your remaining lessons. When a refund is given, a $30 administration fee will be charged.
  • You are required to pay in full for this 2 lessons notice period, regardless of attendance. There are no refunds.
  • Aquatica does not provide refunds for any price difference between classes if you choose to withdraw from next one or two terms and recommence in the following term. The balance of the current term fees can be credited for future lessons. In exceptional circumstances when a refund is given, a $30 administration fee will be charged.
  • Aquatica does not provide refunds for unused/missed/no show lessons if they were not advised by notification, email or phone.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the program after term finishes and you have existing credits, cancellation notice, notice for a credit refund and your bank details are required on the last week of the term. Refunds minus $30 administration fee will be processed within 14 business days after term finishes or 14 business days after receiving your bank details.
  • It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to advise withdrawing from the program. It is not Aquatica’s responsibility to chase up your cancellations.
  • Aquatica Swim Academy reserves the right to change class levels, times and instructors if the need arises.
  • All class cannot be changed to a different level once a child is ready to progress. Parents must find another class for the new level. This may mean changing times/days.
  • Aquatica Swim Academy reserves the right to cancel/re-schedule classes due to low enrolments or any other reason that may impact the operation of the Swim School.
  • All students attending ‘Learn To Swim’ and ‘Stroke Development’ levels must wear a swimming cap. Swimming caps are available for purchase at the reception.
  • All children 3 years and under MUST wear a swimming nappy “Happy Nappy”.
  • All children not toilet trained or currently undergoing toilet training are required to wear a double swim nappy (1 x disposable + 1 x reusable) at all times in the water and pool enclosure. This is regardless of age and to maintain a higher health standard.
  • Any person that is not complying with this policy will be asked to exit the pool.
  • This Policy is in place to ensure the highest possible water quality for our swimmers.
  • Please note that Happy Nappies are available as well for purchase at our reception or online. Our staff will help you to ensure the correct size for your child.
  • Our centre has one accessible bathroom. Please be mindful of this when using disabled toilet as a family room.
  • We reserve the right to ask you to vacate this area if need be
  • All children are not able to use the pool outside their class time.
  • You are required to supervise your children at all times.
  • Please do not enter the pool deck area until the start of the lesson. Our teachers will call your name when there is a time for your lesson.
  • Siblings in the viewing area must be supervised as well.
  • Parents in the Parent participation classes should not enter the pool until the class is called.
  • Food is not allowed on the pool deck. If you wish to consume your food please use the waiting/playing area.
  • Photos and videos are occasionally taken at Aquatica Swim Academy and are used for Aquatica’s publicity purposes and on social medias. If you do NOT wish us the photos/videos to be taken of your child, please notify us.
  • A parent, family member or caregiver may take photos as long as permission has been received from all staff and parents/guardians of children that may potentially be photographed.
  • A parent, family member or caregiver may take No Videos during lesson times. Aquatica reserves the right to ask you to delete the video if needed
  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace the Policies by posting the updated terms on the site, mobile application and information board in the reception. Your continued use of the site, mobile application and information board in the reception after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Policies. Please review those Policies periodically for changes. If you have any questions about the Policies, please contact us directly.