Spotlight on: Swimming and water safety, top tips to keep you safe this year

The Australian lifestyle involves many water-based activities from surfing and sailing, to rowing and swimming. Developing a strong swimming ability and water safety skills at a young age is the key to ensuring lifelong confidence in and around water.

Top five tips for water safety for 2017 and beyond


Supervising your little ones in and around water is a must. It doesn’t stop at watching your children from a distance. You should always be at arm’s length. But don’t rely on your older children to look after the younger ones, adult supervision is always required. To make swimming more enjoyable, jump in and join them! Swimming together builds an unforgettable bond between parent and child and creates an element of trust that extends beyond the swimming pool.

Create confident swimmers

Starting learn-to-swim lessons at the earliest possible age, before your child starts school, is a great way to create water confidence. We offer the best ‘Babies and Toddler’s swimming programs, tailored to suit your needs. We know that babies are capable of amazing things and our program is based on the best learn-to-swim practices following your child’s physical development in the early learning stages.

Be consistent

Learning to swim is a lifelong investment and continuing lessons throughout the year will build on the skills your child has learnt. Pausing over winter may cause your child’s confidence and swimming ability to regress. With many distractions and with everything going on in their lives, children can find it difficult to retain the knowledge and skills they have learnt. Lucky for you, we have made it easy. Aquatica is an indoor; boutique swim school with water heated up to 32 degrees, throughout the year. Teaching your children to swim is not only a safety measure but also, a life-long skill.

Set boundaries

Establishing rules and boundaries with your child such as no swimming alone and no jumping into the shallow end, is a great way to prevent accidents. Children need to know what you expect of them in order to behave appropriately.

Make it fun

Rules don’t have to be boring. And at Aquatica, our personally designed program will help your child to become a confident and strong swimmer with water awareness and water safety skills. This can be achieved best with fun, encouragement and rewards. Swimming should be a fun and enjoyable experience and should not create feelings of resentment or bitterness.

Need help developing your child’s water confidence and swimming ability? We can help! Contact us today.

See you next month,

Weronika and the team at Aquatica Swim Academy.

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