What to Bring?

It is especially important for younger children that they arrive for lessons with plenty of time to get ready.We really like to make full use of our lessons from start to finish, so please try to make it on time. Lessons are only 30 minutes so at the end of the day it’s not that much. If you are late your child will miss out on important skills which are from the start of class. We really appreciate punctuality, as it can be very disruptive for other children as well as teacher.

Swimming Caps

Apart from complying with pool regulations, wearing a cap during swimming lessons has many benefits:

  • Keeps your child’s hair out of their face when learning
  • Keeps your child warmer
  • Keeps our water cleaner!

We sell different swim caps so if you don’t have one please see us at the reception and we will help you what to get.


Children who are starting to place their face under water for long periods will benefit from wearing goggles. We do encourage swimming without goggles especially in the lower levels of learn-to-swim.

Goggles are available for purchase from the reception. If you are unsure of which goggles to purchase please come see us, we are more than happy to give you some advice. Bad pair of goggles can ruin your child’s lesson.

Swimming Nappies

It is COMPULSORY for all children under the age of 3 to wear a HAPPY NAPPY whilst attending lessons. Please visit the website for purchase.

The multi award winning Splash About Happy Nappy: The BEST reusable swim nappy on the market. Recommended by all major swim schools, as it vastly minimises leaks of solids. Made from supple fabrics for a comfortable fit in a vast range colours and styles to suit all tastes. The original Splash About Happy Nappy does not need to be worn with a disposal swim nappy. It comes in variety of colours and sizes: Medium (6-11kg 3-8mths), Large (10-15kg 6-14mths), XL (13kg-18kg 12-24mths), XXL (16kg+ Toddler)

Swimming Costumes

We recommend one piece costumes for girls and swim briefs for boys. We do not recommend the use of wetsuits in classes as this will affect your child’s natural buoyancy in the water. Rash vests can also be very disruptive when learning strokes as it will give them false feel of the water and sometimes make them colder than normally.