Our goal is to provide the highest quality swimming lessons and to teach all the swimming skills your child will need to be safe in and around the water. We promote fun, educational and safe environment to experience only positive memories. We believe that having boutique environment, your child can get the high level of attention to develop the best swimming technique. We designed our program to keep your child active all year round. In Aquatica Swim Academy we understand that each child is unique and needs their own time to learn.



By creating private and family orientated facility that specialises in teaching learn to swim and water safety skills is our main idea. Small classes and warm water all year round in teaching the youngest swimmers are another unique points of our swim school, especially that every child has different needs in the beginning of their swimming journey. By having your child away from the busy environment allows them to focus on their lesson so our swim school makes it the perfect place for your child to learn the long life swimming skills.



At Aquatica Swim Academy we want to create a family and community friendly environment that can lead to success and confidence for all of our swimmers. This can be achieved best with fun, lots of encouragement and rewards offered by our swimming teachers. Aquatica’s specially designed program will help your child to achieve result of being confident and strong swimmer with the water awareness skills.